Issue No.3 June 2021| Fire


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Folklore for Resistance is a project focused on community, mutual aid, anti-racism, de-colonization, and anti-capitalism through the lens of folklore and ancestry.

In the Fire issue of our zine you will find a riot of colour, spells, homilies, prayers, sometimes chaos, all in praise of, service to, and awe of fire. We sit with Aboriginal ecologist Dean Munuggullumurr Yibarbuk to learn about learning fire and country, we spin fibre on the solstice under the roof of the crannog over Loch Tay, we meet the Deer Woman or Grandmother Deer at a stomp dance, and a fireweed spirit along a country road.
We learn of an AfroCarolinian lineage of those who can talk the fire out of burn, who know fire by love and touch, we warm ourselves by the Kivinokka bonfire, cocoon ourselves after time with friends around a campfire, and see Bowie and Lou Reed in a dream. Join us to learn to bundle kindling, and the symbiosis of sequoia and wildfire. We are so excited for you all to read this and to continue to weave the fabric of folklore together.

All zines are produced with community at the forefront. We work in the way of a workers collective where all contributors receive an equal share of the profit. We also will be sharing a contributors portion of the profit with the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust in so-called Australia as part of our commitment to reparation and working toward restoring our relationship with being on stolen land.

Printed by unionised printers at Thunderbird Printers on beautiful 100% PCM.

Cover art, 'Bealtaine Fire’ by Denise Conroy

Issue Three contributors


River Arach

Maria Blyth

Nora Boyle

Nicky Chue

Denise Conroy

Vickie Grayson

Victoria Haf

Moriah Helms

eva henderson

fae labonte

Michelle Lanier

Courtney Løberg

Hannah Leigh Mackie

AC Manning

Stephanie McKenna

Cheanie Noai

Riitta Oittinen

Jason Oliver

Dorene Redshaw

S. Rupsha Mitra

Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra

Audrey Shield

Cait Thompson

Casey Wait

Emma Wardell

Dean Yibarbuk